Driving in your First Car with Your High School Mascot

Bad people gain access to our online identities through social engineering, things like what sekrit skwirl types call a “honeypot”.

But, for most of us, it’s less likely to be a femme fatale slipping a capsule into our drink and us waking up in a bathtub full of ice than it is to be a cutesy social media game.

“If you were driving down the street you grew up on in your first car with your high school mascot, what would you be doing?”

“I’d be driving down Westphalen Ave in a Lamborghini Countach with a Drunken Wombat.”

“So cool!”

Next day:

“What do you mean I reset all my passwords and ran up my credit cards?”

Folks, let’s watch out for social engineering online.

Full disclosure: there’s a chance my high school mascot may not be the Drunken Wombat, but I DEFINITELY had a Lamborghini Countach when I was sixteen. 😉



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