On Working 9-to-5

The following was inspired by a comment made by a late night DJ.

There is this myth that working 9 to 5 is some kind of scam thought up by THE MAN; what a crock of horseshit. Working 9 to 5 is the easiest thing in the history of mankind. Before working 9 to 5, people were up with the sun; working in the field, sweating to death, breaking their back until the sun went down (so figure 6 to 6 )and all that just to barely scrape by so they could have food on the table, and probably gruel or porridge. Working 9 to 5 and getting to go home and have weekends off is unheard of and a revolution of the last century. Don’t try to pass it off as somehow you’re unfortunate that you actually have to get your ass out of bed and work. Work is what man has done forever; the luxuries we have: air-conditioning and going home at night to crack open a cold beer and watch some TV or read a book or play a game or spend time with your wife unheard of.

Modern man lives in the lap of luxury. We live a life that our forebears can only imagine; actually, they couldn’t imagine it. They didn’t have the time, and they were too tired from breaking their ass all day in the field to even imagine such a thing.





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